The big clean continued…

Progress on the van is coming along nicely despite massive changes happening in my life at the minute. Its been difficult to find time to sit down and write so the blog is slightly behind the work that I’ve actually done. It’s very cold here in England now (today I’m completely snowed in) so I’m going to spend more time in the warmth of my house getting the blog up to date.

With the cabin near enough complete it was time to start on the back. When I purchased the van, the back was completely bare apart from the nasty looking sheet wood floor that had been installed. Before attempting to remove the floor I scrubbed down all the walls and removed some brackets that had been riveted to the sides.

Vw t4 rear interior

The floor was screwed and bolted in about 100 different places. Due the state of the screws I had to pull the floor through them so it took a lot of time and brute force.

VW T4 rear interior

Much like the cabin, there was about 15 years worth of grime under the wooden floor. Time to get the broom out.

VW T4 rear interior cleaned

Once the loose dirt was removed I got in there with a big brush and some soap and scrubbed away the rest. Once clean it was clear to see the overall state of the metal floor. Just about every screw hole was rusted but thankfully it was mostly surface rust that could be easily fixed up.

I wish that I could leave it there and say that was the worst of the rust but unfortunately there was a lot worse to discover.

Behind both wheel arches the rust had gone completely through the metal, with a bit of poking the looser stuff fell through leaving significant holes. I don’t have the expertise to fix these holes so it was time to book the van into the garage for the first time.

Im going to keep this blog post short as the next jobs will be treating all the rust which could be a long one. Finally at the stage where most of the cleaning is done. It’s a much nicer space now that the smell of dirt and oil is gone. I can’t wait for all of the rust to be patched up so I can start building out the inside of the van and really making it my own.

If you have any questions just drop them below and hit the follow button to stay up to date with the van progress.

Peace ✌🏽


3 thoughts on “The big clean continued…

  1. Amber says:


    I have just brought my first VW T4 too and am facing the exact same issues you had faced behind both of the wheel arches and the rust has caused massive holes! How much roughly was it to get welded and was it worth it ?


    • nathansnirvana says:

      Hi Amber,

      Yeah it seems to be quite a common place to find rust on the T4’s.

      I think I paid £140 to get both sides welded although I can’t remember if that was at mates rates or not. I’d recommend getting some quotes from body shops in your area, then you’ll have a better idea.

      When the rust is that bad the best thing to do is cut it out and replace it with new so it’s definitely worth doing. Hopefully that will be the last of it for you!

      What do you plan on doing with your T4?


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