The answer to the ultimate question

This post will be slightly different from the usual ones that I upload. Instead of talking about and trying to capture a single day or adventure, this time I want to reflect on a longer journey that I’ve been on.

So when I created Nathan’s Nirvana back in January I set myself quite an ambitious goal. I set myself up on a quest of a lifetime (literally), to answer life’s ultimate question: “What is the meaning of life?”

I thought as its been almost 8 months since I first embarked on this journey that I should pause for a second, grab a hot coffee and reflect on my progress so far. I thought you guys might want to hear about it too.

First things first…

Have I got it all figured out?

Hell no. Not even close.

Have you ever heard of the saying “It’s all about the journey and not the destination”? Well that fits perfectly here. I may not have a definitive answer but I have discovered and explored more than I ever have before and I am definitely beginning to uncover who I really am and what I truly want. What I may want of the world is no longer as important as what the world wants of me or as us, the human race. I am more conscious of my surroundings and the impact that I have on them and I’ve never felt so compelled to do good and right wrongs.


If you’ve read one of my first posts A Woodland Walk’ then you may remember that my approach to answering the question was to get out there more and experience what the world has to offer. Slowly but surely I’m exploring more areas with some further from home than others. This has not only just uncovered my true love for nature but also gave me a lot of time to think and explore my own mind. I feel like I’m getting closer to revealing a type of future for myself that I would be content with.

A main theme that has stuck with me during this time and something that I hope to use as a guide in life is to become less destructive and more self sufficient.

I never wanted to live a destructive life, I guess I was never really conscious of how I was contributing to it which I’m sure is the case for a vast number of people. For me the turning point came in the form of a Netflix series, ‘Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey’. The 13 part series covers everything from finding our cosmic address to the devastating affects of climate change and so much more. It really ignited my curiosity, making me think about what else is out there in the depths of space and left me longing for answers. At the same time it made me think about whether we are even ready to know the answers to these questions.

“How can we expect to learn about the cosmos if we barely even know our own planet?”

“Do we deserve the chance to be able to colonise other planets if we cant live in harmony on our own?”

From that day I knew that no matter what direction my life goes in, I will actively try to reduce my impact on the planet and strive to be a kind and caring person.


The first big step that I have taken in order to achieve this is by becoming vegan. It was already something that I knew was right but I needed this little push to finally make the switch. The main reason that I became vegan was due to the devastating effects that the agriculture industry has on the environment and how much it contributes to climate change. Secondly I have always known that it is a massive injustice to animals and it was about time I started living in line with my core values.

I have also started meditating. My mind is a crazy place with thousands of thoughts buzzing round. I started learning how to meditate in order to control these thoughts more and by doing so I will be able to concentrate and focus on the important things in my life and leave out everything that isn’t of any benefit. More simply it is so nice to take a little time out for yourself each day to relax and sit in total peace. I highly recommend it for everyone.

From here my journey continues, I have barely scratched the surface and there is so much more for me to do and learn. Finally in my life I am excited to see what the future brings.


I plan to write ‘how to’ posts on the types of things that I am incorporating into my life so expect to see posts on subjects like: Veganism, Meditating, Minimalism and sustainable living. If you have any questions on anything I have spoken about then please drop me a message.

Good luck on your journey.

📸 credit: Avril Marie



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