A Glimpse of Glastonbury

The more time I spend exploring my local area, the more I come to realise that there are incredibly beautiful and interesting places right on my doorstep. On my last outing I spent the afternoon in the New Age town of Glastonbury .

Graffitti Header.jpg

A lot of the places that I explore are relatively small and mostly only known and used by locals. However I have a feeling you may have heard of this one, considering Glastonbury festival takes place right next door and one of its claims to fame being that it is the worlds largest greenfield festival. I am sadly yet to experience it although maybe I’ll save that for a future blog, I think I’ll have to do more than just glimpse it though!

So I jumped in the car, picked up my significant other and in 40 minutes we reached our destination:


Glastonbury has to be one of the most interesting towns that I have ever visited. It really stands out from the average town and almost feels like a whole new world as you walk up the historic High Street. It’s home to an array of quirky shops and cafes selling everything from tarot readings to powerful crystals to cleanse your soul. But first things first… we needed coffee.


We took a stroll up the High Street until we came across the Hundred Monkeys Cafe. It had a friendly atmosphere and with its organic menu specialising in vegan and free from foods it really felt like it truly belonged in Glastonbury. Unfortunately we had limited time and other dining arrangements so we didn’t get to explore anymore than the coffee menu. But it all looked great so I recommend that you do if you’re in the area.


Just look at that grin. That’s a “I just had great coffee” kind of grin.

With our coffee high obtained we continued are walk back down the High Street. Weaving in and out of the unusual shops that scatter either side of the street. Due to Glastonbury being a New Age town, with many beliefs and an alternative view, the many shops contain the most intriguing objects that you wouldn’t find in your usual town. Although the shops differ from each other and some specialise in certain areas, the overall range of items on offer includes:

  • Antiques
  • Massages
  • Taxidermy
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Robes and Cloaks
  • Herbs and Essential Oils
  • Exquisite Crystals and Minerals
  • A vast selection of Pagan and Witchcraft items and supplies
  • A variety of Readings such as: Tarot, Runes, Physic and Astrological

It really is a unique place and even if you do not share the same beliefs as the locals, it is still really interesting exploring and browsing the products on offer.

I’ve been to Glastonbury a few times now and have a few shops that I visit each time. The shops below are my favourite out of all the ones hat i have visited although I still have many more to explore. If you’re into crystals and minerals you should definitely check out ‘Elestial‘, the massive range of stock that they have on show will leave you spoiled for choice and you’ll be amazed at how much the staff know about them all.

I never go to Glastonbury without coming back with incense, and this trip wasn’t any different. I usually browse the selection in Man, Myth & Magik but unfortunately it was closed that day. I did find a shop however that I had never been in before called Harvest Moon which had a great selection. I would recommend either ‘Black Magic’, ‘Love’ or ‘Immortal Flight’ but you really need to go and try them out for yourself.


Don’t forget to pick up a incense holder if you haven’t already got one!

Throughout Glastonbury there is a lot of graffiti. Some of it legal and some of it not quite so legal. I know that there is quite a varied view on it, with some people loving it and some people hating it, however the graffiti in the town centre is more like art and not just some thoughtless tagging.

Glastonbury Graffiti

If you go exploring the town centre make sure you keep your eye out for it, walk down some side streets instead of following the main path and you’re bound to come across some.

Glastonbury graffiti side street

I feel like it’s the icing on the cake. Yet another thing that adds to the mysterious atmosphere of Glastonbury which makes you ask yourself questions like who did it? why did they do it? and what story is being told through it?

Glastonbury graffiti side street yellow

They really add to the character of the town and some of them illustrate the mysterious myths and history of the area.


That concludes my glimpse of Glastonbury although it really deserves more than just a glimpse so go check it out for yourselves!  It really is a magical place that will leave you full of wonder.

I’ll leave you with this message that I came across in one of the stores. I think its important to be reminded sometimes that life is too short. Too short to be doing something you hate, too short to be making excuses and too short to be spending it unhappy. Stop dreaming of what the future will hold and start living today.


Maybe you’ve already been or have a similar town near you? Let me know about it! I look forward to hearing from you.

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