A Woodland Walk

Sometimes in life when the stress of the modern day lifestyle is getting you down, it can be extremely beneficial to just take a step back, surround yourself with nature and see the real beauty in the world.


Focus on what really matters.


So recently I decided to start exploring more. With a busy work schedule it’s sometimes hard to make time for days out and easy to use that as an excuse for not getting out there. But with a little planning, it’s definitly possible. So with that in mind i’m going to prioritse getting out there and exploring a new place at least once a week.

This time I stayed close to home and explored a part of the Quantocks called Woodlands Hill. The walk takes you through large ancient woodland areas and up onto the open hills with great 360• views. In total it should take roughly an hour to complete the circular walk but I kept stumbling across beautiful photo oportunities so it took a lot longer. It wasn’t like I was in any rush to leave.


Ive never really been a winter person but I found the atmosphere that it created very fascinating. Everywhere I looked there was thick brown trees coated in a layer of green moss that gave the feeling of an enchanted forest. Their fallen leaves formed a thick carpet on the ground submerging any fallen branches.


I really liked how the bright moss and fungi was thriving against the dead and dying background so I began to try and capture this throughout my walk.

The longer I walked and took in my surroundings the more I discovered. It was such a great feeling to empty my mind and really focus on what was around me.

I then broke out of the woodland onto the high hills of the Quantocks. I soon realised how much the trees protected me from the wind and I soon missed their safety. Although the hills offered a new  aspect to the walk.


It was exposing and chilly yet, the light and space felt welcoming and I soon got back into searching for the next hidden beauty that I could capture.

There was a totally different feel to the bushes and trees now, everything looked defensive. I could tell that the main function of a lot of things in that exposed space was designed to protect. But through the sharp, rough and unforgiving exterior there was still beauty to be found.


The final stretch of my walk led me back into the dense woodland as I circled back to where it all began.


At this point I didn’t really know where I was, only a general sense of direction but luckily I came across a neat little arrow post to help me out.


Although there was no clear path it was pointing to I headed on that way and sure enough i found my car, not straight away though. However it did present some pretty decent photo opportunities so can i complain?

Definitely not.

So that concludes my woodland walk. I had a blast trekking through the forest and pouring my thoughts into this blog post so thank you for taking the time to read it and i hope you got something from it.

Now its time for you to get out there and explore it for yourself!

3 thoughts on “A Woodland Walk

  1. Lesley Chilcott says:

    A very inspirational thought! It is truly a beautiful feeling being at one with nature. Being out there and soaking it all up. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures with nature.

    Liked by 1 person

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